September 3, 2015

User Centered Design

There is no consensus on a definition on UCD. User Centered Design is a design philosophy which seeks on a good understanding on the user needs, and consequently, of the needs a design must match. UCD may be seen as a multidisciplinary approach.

By any means, the general concept on UCD is to place the user in the center of the design process, on each phase of it. Many methods and tools were developed and are available nowadays, like personas, empathy maps, scenarios, journey map and so on.

Our researches investigate questions such as:

  • How to identify if a UCD method suits certain organization?
  • How to gather on a useful and practical manner the information generated by the methods to the design team?
  • Which are the main challenges and opportunities of a certain method?
  • How to make sure the methods are being used in a proper way in organizations?
  • Which are the criteria an organization should consider on choosing and adopting a UCD method?

Ongoing projects:



Usability Day

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