November 20, 2015

Product-Service System (PSS)

Product-Service Systems (PSS) are integrated solutions of product and services that aim at satisfying customer’s needs. The idea behind PSS is that customers do not necessarily demand physical products, but rather the utility that the product and service bundle is able to provide.

PSS has been considered an important instrument to support the circular economy transformation due to its potential of dematerializing the product reducing environmental impact. Nevertheless, the transition towards PSS, also known as servitization, is challenging as it requires changes in the organizations’ business models, coporate culture, technologies, know-how, and capabilities.

Some of the research questions we deal with are:

  • What are the methods and tools to support PSS design?
  • How manufacturing companies can transform their traditional business models into PSS business models?
  • How does PSS affect business model, business process architecture, and costs and revenue structure?
  • What and how user-centered methods may support PSS design?
  • How to evaluate the maturity of companies aiming to provide a PSS?

Ongoing projects:

Finished projects: