September 10, 2015


The environmental impacts caused by products in all phases of their life cycle are mainly due to their design specification. Indeed they result from decisions and definitions made in the beginning of product development.

Ecodesign is as a proactive approach that considers environmental issues into the product development and related processes in order to minimize environmental impacts throughout the product’s material life cycle (from raw material extraction and manufacturing to use and end-of-life), without compromising performance, functionality, quality and cost.

The application of Ecodesign can result in product and service innovation, new business opportunities and models, attendance of legal compliance, improved product quality, risk reduction and even cost reduction.

Some of the research questions we deal with are:

  • How to integrate ecodesign into product development processes?
  • How to assess the ecodesign maturity level?
  • How to define actions to improve the ecodesign maturity level?
  • Which are the ecodesign practices, methods, tools and guidelines that could improve the ecodesign maturity level?
  • How ecodesign is related to other management approaches, such as, product-service system (PSS), remanufacturing, product-life cycle management (PLM) and innovation?
  • How to create symbiosis indicators in order to support the industrial ecology?

Finished projects:

  • Integration of ecodesign into the unified model for product development management: case study in a house appliance company
  • Ecodesign Maturity Model (EcoM2): a framework to support companies in the selection and implementation of ecodesign practices

The following projects were developed in the context of the EcoM2



  • Henrique Rozenfeld  – professor
  • Daniela Cristina Antelmi Pigosso – (partner) former PhD researcher, pos-doc research assistant at DTU Denmark
  • Taís Hamamoto – former MSc researcher
  • Gabriel Couto Mantese – PhD researcher
  • Américo Guelere Filho – former PhD researcher
  • Mariana Ferraz – former undergraduate research assistant
  • Isabela Ianhez Issa – former undergraduate research assistant
  • Felipe Caldas Harding Guastelli – former undergraduate research assistant
  • Raphael Laraia Rocha de Barros Cobra – – former undergraduate research assistant


Main publications: